Pack 2

Pack 2 supports the work carried out in Step 2 of PTT. 
You will only be able to purchase this pack once you have completed Step 2 of the PTT process and been given the relevant access code.

This pack will help you to get in touch with your childhood and therefore your inner child.
It will help you to experience your inner child – right now!
It will show you how you can use different ‘part’s’ of yourself so that you live life more in touch with your ‘true-self’.
It will help you to function in a more self-integrated way.

Ultimately this pack will help to resurface core parts of your personality which will ensure that your current dreams are in alignment with you truly are.

WARNING: If you experienced trauma in childhood please approach this pack with caution. Seek professional advice before attempting any of the exercises as you may find them triggering. You may decide not to complete this pack or to complete it with a trusted friend or mental health professional.

You accept that White Barn Therapy / Rebecca Hill can not be held liable for any detrimental consequences of you completing this pack as you are under no obligation to use or work through the activities in this booklet.